Eco Funeral Services

In today’s environmentally friendly society, people are increasingly considering the effects the funeral process can have on the environment and, in particular, ways in which we can make a funeral Green, Eco or Natural.

Some of the ways in which we can be a lot kinder to the planet is through the choice in casket, embalming (if any), deciding between burial or cremation or even the type of floral tributes used.

As for the caskets, we offer a selection of environmentally friendly options, made from recycled rimu and untreated radiate pine, both of which come from a renewable resource. We also offer willow and wool caskets, along with plywood caskets coated with natural oil.

In regards to embalming, we do try to avoid embalming where possible, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. However, we understand and believe that it ultimately comes down to the family’s choice – whether you elect for embalming or not, we will adhere to their decision.

Embalming is the practice of using formaldehyde to prevent the natural organic process of decomposition,

which allows for the family to grieve in their own time, without time constraints, while their loved one looks natural and at peace.

it is preferable to embalm a person as soon after death as possible.

If embalming is not preferred, the body will be kept in a cool room until the day of the funeral.

In this case, it is recommended for any viewing and visitation of the deceased to be completed soon after the death,

as later stages may cause for an unpleasant experience for family and friends.

Ultimately, we believe that a death does not need to cost the Earth.

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