Cremations North Shore

From $2,800 Inc. GST

When we are notified of the death, we will liaise with the medical staff and arrange for a time to transfer the deceased into our care.

We will then meet with family representatives to attend to all necessary paperwork, including authorisation to cremate and gathering details so a formal Death Certificate can be issued by the Registrar.

An agreement on financial arrangements with us will also be completed, while we will also provide the expected timeframe as to when the ashes will be uplifted.

Please note: we are happy to hold the ashes for up to three months.

The deceased will be dressed and placed in a simple casket and we will then proceed with the cremation.

Viewing, flowers, paper notice and placing ashes in an urn of your choosing can also be arranged. We can also further arrange a memorial plot and plaque.

When it comes to simple cremations, there is no set formula in regards to services. You are free to choose and arrange to hold a memorial service in a church or chapel, or even create a family event at a significant place for a time of celebration.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences.